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Our Story

Thick as Thieves has proudly been attiring men since 2006.

Our aesthetic is influenced by early – mid 1960s style, which was the era and look that I have always been interested in since I first discovered the culture of suits back in the early 1990s.

At the same time, we feel it is important to stay modern, and reflect the times we are currently in and incorporate our influences taken from vintage styling, rather than just recreate vintage suits.

So while some of our styling cues look 1960s oriented, we also cater to the modern fit that modern men want, which is more streamlined and less boxy than our predecessors wore.

Thick as Thieves, since its first day in 2006, has always been about providing a high quality suit at prices that were within reach of most men.

I’ve always liked to think of this as a sartorial version of a “punk rock band”… unique vision, high quality and working class affordability.

Over a decade and many thousands of clients later, I like to think that Thick as Thieves has carved out its place within the niche of custom men’s suits.

Why Thick as Thieves?

One of the first things we’ve seen over the past 10+ years is the resurgence of men who wanted to wear suits, and as a result a huge growth in online custom suit tailoring that simply didn’t exist to this degree back in 2006.

So with so many options out there, why should you choose Thick as Thieves instead of (insert maker of your choice)?

It’s a good question, and a fair question, and one that everyone should ask himself before undertaking any online tailoring process.

Firstly, we don’t use marketing gimmicks and sales rhetoric.  You know the sort, promises of “a perfect fit”.  Not to pat ourselves on the back but we certainly have created a close to ideal fit for many men, because that’s what we strive to do.  But making such promises are deceptive, where oftentimes it is necessary to tweak aspects of the fit, and especially in a mostly sight-unseen Made to Measure process, you can see where such claims only serve to make sales, not to properly attire you, the client.

Secondly, because this is not a corporate funded company, nor is it employed by staff who may not care about your concerns, our customer service is personalized and here for you every day.  Every e-mail is answered to same day or within a day (or by Monday if sent over the weekend), and it is our #1 priority to make sure that any questions/issues/problems is acknowledged and resolved to your satisfaction.  I personally correspond with everyone, so you can rest assured that there is indeed a face behind the company name, and your concerns won’t be kicked down the street for someone else to resolve.

Finally, with over 13 years now in the online Made to Measure suit business, we have countless number of satisfied clients over the years who have come back every time he desires a new suit, and we’ve been privileged to be a part of so many personal sartorial journeys.

Jason H., the face behind Thick as Thieves LA

Jason in Burgundy Tonic Suit 2

Fitness is life!


Dinner with the missus, wearing 3 button Burgundy jacket

Suit for Christmas/Holiday Event

Nice words from our clients!

Thanks for the suit! Got it Wednesday and the fit is perfect. I’ve never had a suit fit so well.

Stephen W.

Firstly let me compliment you on the fine suits you’ve designed; the special touches that distinguish what you do are remarkable. I do appreciate the fact that there are no boxes to fill in and that I don’t have to “Hit submit, and hope for the best”.

Colum S.

BTW, my blue suit got TONS of compliments in the wedding I was in last year.  Everything from the fit, to that Air Force blue fabric. to the paisley liner

Jesse S.

I’ve almost reached my 10th suit from you and can proudly report that each one receives endless compliments when I’m out and about!

Winston T.

Perhaps you remember my first suit from you was the cut of a classic skinhead/suedehead variety with a high button stance, covered buttons, frogmouth pockets etc. It’s a lovely suit and I get complimented on its unique tailoring every time I wear it out.

Travis S.

I have your petrol blue and have gotten hundreds of compliments over the past few years. Thanks for the high-quality work!

Jon L.

I wore the suit to the wedding and got lots of compliments. Lots of friends and even strangers asked about where I got the suit and I referred them to you.

Suhail K.

I wore my suit for the first time last weekend at a friend’s wedding and received so many compliments! This suit is incredible, can’t thank you enough for the work you did.

Micah H.

It’s a great suit! I get compliments every time I wear it.

Stefan G.

Just want to take the time and formally compliment the way that you do business, especially when it comes to your honesty and accountability.  I have already told multiple friends about this customer service experience and they will be reaching out in the near future to place their own orders. Not to mention the suits just look and fit damn good.

Kelvin C.

By the way, I got a ton of compliments on my wedding suit over the weekend.

Michael F.

I bought a custom made suit from you/Thick As Thieves a couple of years ago for my wedding.  The suit was awesome and I got a lot of compliments on it!

Patrick H.

With the MOP buttons on it looks really eye-catching! Gotten lots of compliments on it already.

John D.

I get compliments on my suit all the time….I’ve recommended you to a bunch of people.

Wes B.

The suit was something else, got many compliments on it.

Leo S.

I love the suit, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it as well.

Edward K.

The burgundy flannel jacket you made me is especially spectacular and I receive compliments on it each time I wear it.

Noel F.

Suit is amazing!  Fit is great and I have been getting a ton of compliments on it.  Thanks again.

Joseph A.

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work. My suits are amazing! I always get compliments on them and am trying to steer friends in your direction.

Dan S.

The tux came out great and I got lots of compliments. Thanks, Jason!

Brett C.

My two Thick as Thieves suits still get tons of compliments and have served me well in everything from board meetings to interviews — among the best investments I’ve made in my business wardrobe

Sandy K.

Love the suit you made me, I got tons of compliments on it.

Clay T.

I moved out to DC where everyone wears a suit and I have gotten a lot of compliments on my TaT suit!

Yan Z.

I wore the charcoal suit to the london wedding and got a ton of compliments!

David L.

The suit fits great and I get compliments on it from friends and strangers literally every time I wear it.  One of my friends even ordered one from you after seeing it.

Jess S.

As usual, everything is essentially perfect. I’ve received easily six compliments in two wearings & was photographed by a Philly street style blogger at the farmer’s market this morning.

David K.

I get alot of compliments on the tonic suit I ordered from you the last time.

John P.

I ordered one of your suits a couple of years ago (blue-grey sharkskin) and it’s been my go to wedding suit since then. I’ve gotten so many compliments and now that I need another you’re the first place I’ve come to.

Ian S.

I ordered a navy Birdseye suit from you a few months back and have to say I’ve  received so many compliments on how great the suit looks.

Christian L.

Lastly, let me just say: I’ve truly been thrilled with my first suit from your company. I have received countless compliments. It still fits just as beautifully as when I first purchased it.

Zachary R.

The suit fits like an F’n glove! Beautiful material. Fantastic job! I have already received compliments have referred people to Thick as Thieves.

John K.

This will be the second suit I am ordering from you.  I loved the last suit and have received a ton of compliments.

Christopher S.

The suit turned out great and I got so many wonderful compliments on it. Thanks again. I can’t wait to order another suit from Thick as Thieves!

Andrew R.

Hi Jason, I bought a navy suit from you last year and it was a fantastic purchase. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the suit and will probably buy another one at some point this year.

Steven H.

Just wanted to let you know the suit worked out great.  Got tons of compliments on it the entire time I wore it, so thank you!

Gavin M.

I ordered a suit and a few pairs of trousers.  All has been great with them and I’ve received many compliments.  They have held up well also.

Jonathan M.

I wore the light blue-gray sharkskin suit this past weekend and continue to get many compliments from those I know and even from strangers.  I just love wearing it!

Elijah G.

My boyfriend’s got one made from you guys already.  He gets so many compliments on his suit and he won’t go anywhere else to buy one.

Joanne W.

I ordered one of your suits earlier this year.  It is fantastic.  Fits great and has earned many compliments.  As an average height guy with a very slim build, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Nicholas C.

I bought a suit from you and absolutely love it (I get compliments on it that I never get in other suits I’ve owned).

Patrick J.

This will be the second suit I am ordering from you.  I loved the last suit and have received a ton of compliments.

Kristopher S.

I got a lot of compliments on the suit last night at this wedding, especially the fit.

Rikin V.

I’ll be sure to recommend you to other people when I get compliments on your excellent work, and I imagine I’ll be back for another suit in the next year or so as well. Couldn’t be happier, thanks again.

Adam R.

Thank you so much for the navy sharkskin suit.  It fits great and I’ve received a lot of compliments.

Ryan A.

I have heard many a good word and nothing but compliments about you guys.

Khai N.

I’ve gotten many compliments including one from a girl who swore I had to be in the fashion industry b/c I was looking so stylish.

Matthew K.

Thanks again for your help, Jason.  Love the colour on this suit – sort of a very light charcoal with a bluish tinge.  Your work is already getting compliments.

Greg J.

I have got such good compliments on my one suit – the cut is exquisite to say the least.

Cosma K.

I wore your suit to a recent work event and every one complimented my look so thank you very much.

Kaba C.

I’ve had several compliments already today, including one person who said I looked like I came off the set of Mad Men.

Andrew H.

Thank you again for the suit, I’ve been to two med school interviews already, and have received multiple compliments about it- something that assuredly does not happen to me regularly.

Sharib G.

I love the suit!  It fits perfect and is the best suit (definitely the best-fitting) I have ever owned.  I’ve received lots of compliments on it.  I’m especially digging the frog-mouth pockets…thanks for suggesting that.

Eric M.

Thanks again — I love the suit and I receive frequent compliments on it.

Gideon M.

I got back from the wedding last night, and they were a hit. Countless compliments on the suit, and I couldn’t be happier with the new fit on the trousers.

Brian C.

Ruffled featured our wedding on their site. There are a few good shots of James’s suit on there.

Thanks again, suit got many many compliments.

Emily S.

I’ve been getting compliments from people on the suit (to this day) and refer them all to thick as thieves. The suit fits very well!

Travis C.

I don’t think I can emphasize how happy I have been with the first suit since I purchased it; it looks great, I get lots of compliments on it and best of all it easily stands up to a full day’s worth of wear.

Miguel K.

I wore it to an interview today and got a million compliments. I’ll definitely order again from you in the future.

Sayuri S.

The suit I ordered from you last year went over very well with everyone. Lots of compliments. I like it so much I’m getting married in it in two weeks.

Nick S.

Got tons of compliments on the last suit you made for me.

Iqbal A.

I wore the gray herringbone suit to an event packed with “high fashion” types.  I kept getting compliments on the suit, particularly how it fit very well.

Amir T.

I took it to my tailor (who is an ex-Huntsman tailor — one of the big houses on Savile Row) to have some alterations so that it was perfect. He had some compliments on the work.

Ted Y.

I’ve really enjoyed the last 2 suits that I got from you and always receive compliments whenever I wear them.

Chad M.

I’ve worn it to various events and the suit just looks great!  I’ve gotten compliments nearly everywhere I’ve worn it to; I definitely plan on ordering another suit from you in the future.

Nicholas S.

That navy jacket with the MoP buttons gets compliments every time I wear it. Had it on at a rather important meeting with a bunch of middle-aged engineer types, wearing it with a pink shirt, pink gingham ps and navy knit tie – it was beautiful. Instead of getting raised eyebrows as I expected, I think I got a certain grudging respect.

Harry A.

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I get tons of compliments on the suit you made

Brian F.

I wore it to my wedding last month and received several compliments and I know at least one of my friends has already ordered a suit from you guys for his wedding.

Mike H.

Firstly, the suit is holding up great, drew countless compliments at the wedding!

Simeon M.

Little did I know I would be the best dressed in this sartorial city! I must say, the suits were fitting amazing and I always received compliments from people whose nationalities I would think would be
snuffing an American suit.

Matthew M.

I’ve gotten nothing but compliments the handful of opportunities i’ve had to wear it.

Guy F.

Just received the suit today.  Took it out for a test run at the mall this afternoon and received nothing but compliments.  The best was overhearing a well dressed gentleman in In-N-Out commenting on how good it looked to his friend.  I just wanted to thank you for the awesome service and suit.

Kevin G.

I love the last suit you made me. It fits me like pyjamas; I wear it whenever I can and get loads of compliments. So thanks a lot, man.

Jameson R.

So I wore the suit to a party last weekend and people loved it. I’ve never received so many compliments on a suit ever…thanks again for a great product.

Brian D.

I just wanted to send you a thank you for the fine work on the suit. The wedding was yesterday and the suit fit and went perfectly. Many compliments were given. I also appreciated the very fast turnaround.

Steve L.

The suit you made me gets nothing but compliments

Brian D.

I’ve gotten many compliments on the suit. Especially at South Coast Plaza, even the sale associates at RL and BB take notice. You guys are great!

Kelvin C.

The one button peak has gotten nothing but compliments from people.  Needless to say I’m very happy with it!

Max M.

Just wanted to let you know that i’ve worn the suit to two events now, and both times i’ve received a near staggering amount of compliments. one party goer even said, and i quote, “you totally stand out in a crowd.” that’s right, someone actually said your tag line to me.

Brad B.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the help. The suit looks and fits great – I wore this to my sons baptism this past weekend and got lots of compliments. I’ll definitely be looking to order another suit in
the coming months.

Sean B.

I got the suit earlier today, and i have to say, it looks great and fits spectacularly. awesome work — and with plenty of time to spare. I’ll be wearing it as a groomsman at my college buddy’s upcoming wedding, and if my last suit from you was any indication, I’m sure I’ll be getting plenty of compliments on this one.

Daniel J.

I had been wearing the suit you made on so many occassions and got lots of compliments, magnificent tailoring!

Herman T.