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by Thick as Thieves

Thick as Thieves suits are all made to measure, hand made, and constructed with full floating canvas construction.

Thick as Thieves suits are available in several different button stances and styles:

  •  1 button suit, perfect for social occasions where you need to look razor sharp, but not necessarily like you just got off work.  Can also function perfectly in many work environments, making that transition from work to play even easier. It’s also a great option for wedding suits.
  •  2 button suit, the standard.  Perfect for the versatile “wear anytime, anywhere” suit that every man needs in his wardrobe.  This cut can be modified in many ways to look as traditional, or not, as you need it to be.
  •  3 button suit, there was a time when this was the standard, but now it’s more of a niche suit, perfect for the man looking for some subculture influence to his suit wardrobe.
  •  4 button suit, this is a very rare cut that we’ve made a handful of times, but it takes the 3-button cut to more extreme level of niche!
  • Tuxedo.  We also provide a classic one (or two) button tuxedo.

All suits are made to be slim-fitted to the wearer, based on his measurements (see Self Measuring):

All jackets are made with double side vents.  Single center vent can be requested, as can un-vented jackets.

Unless jacket sleeve length is known and the client desires functional cuff buttons, the jacket sleeve length will be made to an average length for the wearer based on his height with non-functional cuffs.

Trouser rises are made to take into account the wearer’s height, but generally an average height between 5’7 and 5’10 will have a 10.5″ front rise unless otherwise requested. Taller/shorter heights will be adjusted based on that default.


A slightly more “fashion forward” cut with the following attributes:

  • Slightly shorter jacket length from “normal” (based on wearer’s height).  In most cases the jacket will end about 2-3″ lower than the bottom of the sleeve (approx to the top of the thumb joint).
  • Jacket ticket pocket (unless omitted by request) is made to overlap the main pocket that it sits above.
  • Slimmer lapel width at 2″ on most sizes, 2.25″ on larger sizes past 42.
  • Trousers more fitted with a stronger taper to the hem from the thigh.
  • Trouser pockets made with “frogmouth” pocket style.


More classically proportioned with the following attributes:

  •  Jacket length more standard, ending around the half-way point of wearer’s thumb when standing straight with arms to side. (Based on wearer’s height) Approx 1 – 1.5″ longer than HOUSE CUT jacket length.
  • Ticket pocket (unless omitted by request) is traditionally spaced above the main pocket, about 1/2″ gap between the two.
  • Lapel width slightly wider than the house cut, at 2.5″ on most sizes, 2.75″ on larger sizes past 42.
  • Trousers still tapered but not as aggressively as the house cut.
  • Trouser pockets made with side slant/handwarmer pocket style.


  • One or two button style unvented jacket.
  • Traditional cut proportions.
  • Satin faced lapel, trim around pockets, 1/2″ side stripe along trouser leg, and satin covered buttons.
  • We recommend Peak or Shawl lapel (your choice). Notch lapel can be done, but it’s not usually common for a tuxedo.
  • Trousers have side tabs (buckle or button) and no belt loops.  If you would like belt loops, we can add it to the trouser at no cost, as well as braces buttons along inner waistband, if so desired.
  • No ticket pocket of course.
  • Tuxedos are 2-piece so there is no cummerbund.

Buttons are, by default, a dark grey marbled horn button for most fabrics.  Lighter cloths will use a light-med brown horn button (which can be requested on darker cloths as well).  We do offer a Mother of Pearl (MOP) button upgrade for $20 which is a smoky grey color.  Please check out the ODDS and ENDS page for examples.

Jacket lining, by default, is a grey/white or blue/white shirting stripe patterned acetate (depending on color of your suit).  If you have a preference for a solid color, we can try to match as close as possible (ie: Burgundy, purple, navy blue, red, orange etc) at no extra cost.  We do have various colored paisley liners at a $50 surcharge which covers the cost of the material.  Please check out the FABRIC page for paisley color options.

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