• Notch Lapel

    Standard notch lapel
    with hand pick stitching

    Wedding suit navy lapel pickstitch closeup
  • Peak Lapel

    1 button suit peak lapel pickstitch closeup
  • Trad ticket pocket

    Classic ticket pocket

    2 button charcoal mohair suit ticket pocket closeup
  • House ticket pocket

    Overlapping ticket pocket
    (Angle optional)

    House ticket pocket
  • Angled Jacket pocket

    English style
    “Hacking pocket”

    Wedding suit navy angle pocket closeup
  • Frogmouth pocket

    Top loading pocket, similar to a jeans style

    Anders frogmouth pockets
  • Paisley Liner

    ($50 option)

    1 button suit paisley liner closeup
  • 2-Button Side Tab

    2 button side tab closeup
  • Functional "surgeon cuff" sleeve buttons

    Functional cuff closeup
  • Mother of Pearl buttons

    $20 surcharge option

    MOP button closeup
  • Pattern Matching on plaids/checks

    Pattern matching closeup
  • Pick Stitching on lapels

    Pick stitch closeup
  • Velvet Half Collar

    velvet collar sportjacket
  • Topstitched lapel

    “Swelled seam” lapel stitch option

    Top stitch closeup
  • Hemline...

    …and a fine pair of shoes.
    (Paraboot Avignon in Horween no8 Cordovan)

    1 button suit hem closeup