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Suits are Made to Order based on your measurements provided and requests. We like to talk with each potential client rather than have you only plug in numbers into an order form and hit ‘submit’, hoping for the best. We want to make sure you know there is a real person behind the name that has your interest in mind when it comes to your suit. In the initial email consultation we’ll figure out where you intend to wear the suit and make sure it is appropriate for your occasion or environment.  If you have a strict timeframe you need the suit by, we’ll make sure that is taken into account. We’ll also discuss what options you are interested in and get any questions answered. Emails are generally responded to within 1 day.

Once that is complete the order process requires your basic measurement set, all measures should be taken with minimal clothes (tshirt and underwear is ideal) and the measuring tape should be snug but not super tight.  If possible it will be helpful to have someone do the measuring while you stand there, but it can be done by yourself but just take heed to measure around the correct places without any distortion caused by bending/hunching over:

  • Around the neck base.  The neck base is the area that connects your neck to your shoulders, so it is typically about 1″ larger than you neck circumference measurement.
  • Across front and back shoulder, measured straight from one end to the other (back shoulder is generally .5 – 1″ wider than front).
  • Around the chest (just under armpits).  Make sure you stand naturally when this is taken, do not over exaggerate your posture, but stand with good posture and look straight ahead.  It is recommended that someone help you, if you take it yourself, do not hunch over to look at the measuretape reading, as that will result in a smaller than true measurement.
  • Around stomach (1″ or so above navel)
  • Around waist where your trouser will sit (usually about 1.5-2″ below navel)
  • Around hips (at widest point, usually at level where butt cheek crests out)
  • Around thigh (at widest point, usually just below butt cheek level)
  • Around calf at widest spot
  • Jacket sleeve (If you do not know how to measure the sleeve it’s recommended you get nonfunctional cuffs for easy alteration. If you decide to try and measure, you’ll need an existing jacket that fits correctly in the sleeve length. Hang jacket on hanger so it drapes as naturally as possible and measure from top of shoulder seam straight down to bottom.)
  • Inseam (Similar to jacket sleeve, this is best measured off an existing pair of well fitting trousers. You can measure off the body from your “taint” down to bottom of ankle bone. But this is one area where most will need fine tuning at a local tailor to get the inseam just right.)
  • Your height

Take a look at the SELF MEASURE guide for visual assistance.

If you are local to the Los Angeles area, you can schedule an in person meetup to get measured by me, look at fabric swatches, try on sample size etc.  Please EMAIL me to discuss time/day options.

Prices vary on fabric chosen, regardless of cut. Prices range from $550 – $650 depending on the fabric.  Shipping is included in the cost of the garment within USA.  Orders outside of the USA will incur an additional shipping charge of $50 for Canada/Mexico and $60 for all other countries.  International shipping is via EMS USPS.  Sorry for the high shipping cost but that is what the US Mail currently charges with its recent price increases and we cannot avoid the high fees. It is still less expensive than using a courier service (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc)

Turnaround time is approximately a month. Oftentimes sooner, but this is a general guideline, not an exact promise of delivery. Once the garment is shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation. Transit time is not included in the month approximation. Whatever transit time is applicable is added onto the time of production. Orders within CONUS are shipped USPS Priority Mail insured. Delivery time is 2-3 days and includes a tracking number.  If you need next day service or couriered shipping with tracking (UPS, FEDEX, USPS overnight) that can be arranged at an additional cost to the buyer.

Foreign orders are mailed USPS EMS airmail with a $50-60 surcharge added to total price of garment, depending on country. Most countries will be delivered within 4-7 working days. EMS shipped packages have a tracking number. In most cases I mark the overseas shipment as a “Gift” or a “repaired garment” to alleviate any customs duty. Any duties that your country charge you are your responsibility to pay and cannot be controlled by Thick as Thieves at the time of shipment.

Rush orders are possible with a “cut in front of line” surcharge of $60 which takes the lead time to 2 weeks before it is shipped, thereafter the standard transit rate will apply.  We do not do rush orders for anything shipped outside of USA, as there are too many variables we cannot control that may prohibit your garment arriving in time.   To be blunt, all overseas orders are made with a “you’ll get it when you get it” time frame since transit can wildly vary if there are any customs or other delivery delays for your country, although we always make sure all forms are filled out correctly and accurately so as not to incur such delays.

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